Introducing Demola North Sweden

DEMOLA North Sweden is an open innovation platform where companies and organisations have the opportunity to work together with multidisciplinary teams of university students to create real solutions to their challenges.

DEMOLA North Sweden is primarily operating in the county of Norrbotten. The county is one of contrast: It represents about a quarter of Sweden’s total land area (the size of Austria) but only a quarter of a million people call it home. Its geographical position means that the sun never sets in the summer but fails to show its beautiful face in the winter. The east is dominated by flat coastlands while the west border consists of an old mountain range.

Did you know that…
… Esrange Space Center in Norrbotten is the European gate to space?
… Norrbotten is one of the strongest growth areas in Europe regarding the tourism industry?
… The car testing industry is steadily growing and brands such as Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes, Ford and Hyundai have found their way to the county?
… 90% of Europe’s iron ore is extracted in Norrbotten?
… Northern Sweden is ranked with the highest score in EU’s latest innovation index amongst 27 European countries and regions?

Luleå University of Technology is a young university founded in 1971. It is today an internationally renowned research university, which defines important needs in close cooperation with business and the community. They have set the target to become world leader in its nine strong fields of research and innovation (for example Future Mining, Innovative art and science and Enabling ICT) by 2020.

This DEMOLA-site is run by LTU Business, the largest business development company in the northern parts of Sweden. LTU Business is owned by the regional university and have a large portfolio of services aimed at companies, students and university staff. LTU Business also runs the university´s innovation system which is ranked top five in the country.


Demola North Sweden

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